Blood donor ID in your phone

The RedDrop App allows you to:

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Save time on paperwork by filling out all forms at home

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Have access to a full history of your donations (type, date, and place of donation)

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For subsequent donations, we will fill part of the form based on your previous answers

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You will receive a notification to donate blood or a reminder that the next donation is due

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Access to your donation statistics

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Compete in a friendly competition by reaching the top of the donor rankings and winning exciting badges

For Companies

Companies that join the RedDrop
program begin to participate in a friendly
competition to donate blood.

This is a great way not only to integrate your employees and show
them how important your company values are. The ranking will
be promoted every year to show how much blood employees
have donated on behalf of the company.

Is there a more beautiful message than showing
how many human lives have been saved thanks
to the involvement of your company?

Impact on

  • Increased health prevention
  • Improving your physical
    and mental health
  • Integration of employees in teams and the company

Impact on
the company:

  • Strengthening corporate culture
  • Healthier employees
    in the company
  • Promoting the company’s values
  • Consolidating the company’s image as one that cares for the society in which it operates

Impact on the

  • Less death due to lack of blood
  • A healthier society
  • Promoting the idea of equality and diversity
  • Real impact on society

About Us

RedDrop is a foundation focused
on supporting blood donors
and promoting blood donation

If you like the idea of helping people with
meaningful impact let’s talk!

Got any questions? Write to us